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Merlin’s Magic Wand
8th February 2011

Following a family visit to LEGOLAND Windsor with Merlin’s Magic Wand tickets last year, Mum Elizabeth has decided to raise money for the charity. She has been in touch to share her family’s story.

“My son Jacob (5) was diagnosed with Autism, Hypermobility Joint Syndrome and Global Development Delay, at the age of 3. Although we had noticed things like his behaviour, lack of speech, curling up in a ball and lack of eye contact we put it down to second child syndrome, and believed that he would catch up. When we went to his 2yr check, we where asked to come back in 6 months as Jacob had very limited speech. After 6 months there was no change so we where referred to speach and language therapy. I informed his nursery and they asked if the SENCO could asses him. She saw the pointers to autism and asked for a referral to the consultant.

It was a shock when we found out, as we had put it down to just Jacob, but thanks to support we were able to understand Jacob and find out what some of his triggers are.

Jacob loves LEGO and so do his older brother and sister. Merlin’s Magic Wand kindly gave us tickets to LEGOLAND last year, and Jacob loved it, he really loved the train ride, which we went on lots. Not only was it a great day out for Jacob, but also gave his brother and sister a welcome treat.

I suffer from hypermobility and my left knee cap dislocates. To correct this my consultant has done a major operation, medial femoral patella repair, this involved removing a tendon, and then threading this tendon through the knee cap. I have been in a brace since December 9th 2010 (as you can see from the picture), and I have just started physiotherapy and I have decided to give something back to Merlin’s Magic Wand by asking people to sponsor me to motivate me to do my physio.”

If you would like to support Elizabeth with her physio AND raise money for Merlin’s Magic Wand which will enable us to help deliver even more magical days out in 2011 please sponsor her via her Just Giving page.

Merlin’s Magic Wand would like to say a big THANK YOU to Elizabeth for sharing her story and supporting the charity.

Do you have a similar story that you would like to share? If so, please email

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