Freemantle’s School

Thorpe Park Resort

May 2018

THORPE PARK Resort and Merlin’s Magic Wand have teamed up to bring the magic of the theme park to students and staff at Freemantle’s School by transforming an empty room into two new sensory rooms.

The room was out of use with outdated bland décor, now students will have the opportunity to experience THORPE PARK Resort in their school environment. The room was separated into two rooms to create a Thrill Room and a Chill Room. Adventure seekers can enjoy the Thrill Room which has a coaster chair for students to experience rollercoasters based on those at Thorpe Park Resort. The Chill room gives a tranquil immersive experience of a day at Amity Beach.

Freemantles has 167 pupils aged 4 to 19 with various complex social and communication needs, many have autism.

Freemantle’s School’s Kate Ball said: “We are incredibly grateful to Thorpe Park and Merlin Magic Wand for creating such fantastic rooms for our students. Both rooms will enable us to support our student’s sensory needs as well as their social and emotional wellbeing making sure they are able to access all the learning opportunities that are on offer to them. Thank You.”

THORPE PARK Resort’s Divisional Director Dominic Jones said: “We are really proud to bring Merlin’s Magic Wand’s first ever coaster themed Thrill and Chill sensory room to Freemantle’s School. We hope the new sensory rooms bring endless fun and thrills as well as the opportunity to experience the magic of Thorpe Park.”

THORPE PARK Resort’s Development and Community Relationship Manager Jan Hitchcock said: “Freemantle’s regularly visit the Park and with each visit, you can see a change in pupils. Some were afraid at first of the noise and stayed in the marquee but progressed to going out and eventually going on rides. It was lovely to give the children a little piece of Thorpe Park at their school knowing how much they enjoy their time with us.”

Merlin’s Magic Wand’s Elly Turner said: “This Merlin’s Magic Spaces transformation not only gives the students an experience of visiting Thorpe Park Resort but also gives them the opportunity to prepare for their visit for fun day out ahead.”

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