Innovative new Mobile Entertainment Units


February 2019

The Merlin’s Magic Wand Charity strives to ensure the magic of Merlin is accessible to all children around the world, despite the personal challenges they are facing. We are always exploring new and innovative ways to reach those children who need the magic of Merlin the most. Therefore, when we found out that, due to their medical condition, some children were unable to experience the magic of Merlin, we decided to take action!

One of the ways the charity helps spread the Merlin magic is via one of the charity’s three magic spells, ‘Merlin’s Magic Spaces’. These projects involve creating and delivering bespoke installations which bring the magic of Merlin to those children, whom for various reasons are unable to access our Merlin attractions. These projects are tailored to meet the needs of the children attending the hospital, hospice or school to ensure we maximise the space available and transform the spaces to make the biggest impact.

However, some children are unable to travel the small distance required to reach these new magic spaces. To get closer to fulfilling our promise of accessible magic for everyone, we put on our thinking caps, teamed up with some fantastic people at Merlin Magic Making and the Mobile Entertainment Units were created!

The idea for the Mobile Entertainment Units was originally sparked following a Magic Spaces Project which the Merlin Magic Making Studios North team delivered at the University Hospital, North Midlands. The feedback from the hospital following the completed magic space was fantastic. However, it highlighted that there were still a few children who were, unfortunately, unable to make the short distance from their hospital bed to join in the fun of the newly created magic space. Therefore we needed to come up with a magical plan! We investigated incorporating some of the fantastic interactive play areas of the Magic Spaces Projects into a mobile unit, which could be easily stored and transported from ward to ward.

Find out the impact these innovative new units have made to children’s lives already...

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The Charity makes FUN accessible to children with three Magic Spells: "Magical Days Out" providing tickets and contributing towards a travel grant for families to enjoy their day at a Merlin Entertainments’ attraction; "Merlin’s Magic On Tour" working with our local communities at hospitals and hospices to bring the magic to the children wherever they are; and "Merlin’s Magic Spaces" designing and creating amazing projects in hospitals, orphanages, learning centres and more all around the world.

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