Kosin University Gospel Hospital

South Korea

September 2018

The MMS project in Kosin University Gospel Hospital is the first ever project to be delivered in the South Korean region.

Merlin’s Magic Wand and Busan Sea Life Centre have teamed up to create an immersive, fun and interactive space for the children undergoing treatment in the hospital.

The Kosin Hospital was founded back in 1951; this means the hospital’s facilities are very old and not catering to the needs of the children that are now frequenting the hospital. The children’s lounge was not very popular among the children because of how dark and uninspiring the space was. With no dedicated playground for patients to play something was desperately needed to fill this void. Children are known to recover more quickly when they can use play as a tool for rehabilitation so is really important to have a fun, creative area where the children can unwind, relax and just be kids.

With the clear needs of the hospital being identified the team set about to transform this unused and unloved space into an area the children would want to come and enjoy playtime and have a break from the treatments and procedures, they are undergoing in the hospital. The distraction of the new play area will allow the children to forget they are in hospital and just be children again for a few hours without having to worry about the challenges they are facing.

Now thanks to the amazing efforts of the MMW and Sea Life Busan team, the children’s lounge now features telescopes and ocean-related fairy tale books. It has a magnet shaped like a marine creature and a magnetic wall that children can interact and have fun while they play. In addition, the hospital has secured a wheelchair path for children with mobility difficulties, and children in the hospital can use the eco-friendly materials of the birch tree to get a new sensory experience. Giving the children at Kosin Gospel Hospital, a much-needed play area to access the MAGIC of SEA LIFE Busan.

At the opening of the new play area, each child was given a new little furry friend, a lovely otter toy from the aquarium and you could see the joy on the faces of the children as they received their gift. Watching the smiles as they got to play in the new room was just magical.

“MMW(Merlin’s Magic Wand) is a global charity program for children facing serious illness, disability or adversity. It is SL Busan’s honour to launch the 1st MMS project in Kosin Hospital, and Merlin will carry on making continuous contributions to Korean society in order to enable all children to dream a healthier and happier future.”

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