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Welcome to the Merlin’s Magic Wand Applications Page. Before you apply, please take a moment to look through the following before proceeding with your application.

How often can I apply?

Due to a high demand for tickets we only accept applications from those families/children/households we have not previously supported (regardless of when tickets were received previously and regardless if those families have additional children with disabilities/illnesses). If you have been unable to use your tickets on two or more occasions we are unfortunately unable to assist with future tickets.

How long can it take to look at my application?

Applications for 1st time applicants can take up to 8 weeks to assess and be responded to.

What am I applying for?

You are applying for a one off opportunity for complimentary tickets to a Merlin attraction for entry for 1 day for immediate family only (Parents or guardians and siblings). Tickets unfortunately do not include waterparks, special events, entry to 2nd gate attractions or ride access passes. A full list of the Merlin Attractions can be found by clicking here.

We can assist with a limited amount towards a travel contribution to get you and your family to the attraction (Please note we are unable to fund any overseas travel). As a day trip charity we unfortunately are unable to assist with accommodation/overnight costs).

Am I eligible to apply?

We welcome applications on behalf of children who we have not previously provided tickets for. The main child must meet the criteria as set out below.

Applications must be made by either a parent or guardian of the main child they are applying on behalf of. You can also apply if you are a registered organisation (inc. a school, hospital, council), specifically assisting directly children within our critieria (or have departments within the organistion/charity/school that specifically assists with children within our criteria). We are unfortunately unable to accept applications from 3rd party organisations (organisations/charities applying on behalf of other organisations/charities, please contact Magic Wand for exceptions).

We are also unfortunately unable to accept applications from 3rd party individuals (applying on behalf of a friend or family member or other person with whom you are not associated or related to)

The main child child you are applying for must be 2 years of age before an application can be made.

Our criteria is

  • Aged 2 – 18 (incl) and must have not received tickets through our charity previously
  • Tickets for immediate family members only (Individual Applicants only)
  • Serious illnesses/Long Term illnesses
  • Disabled (if learning disability, this must be moderate to severe and the child must have a statement of educational needs or similar)
  • In care home/in foster care/ adopted
  • Child impacted by domestic violence/abuse/bullying/serious crime
  • Child of terminally ill or recently deceased parent/legal guardian or sibling
  • Young Carer

Restrictions apply to all of the above and we base our decision on a case by case basis. Unfortunately we cannot assist with all conditions or circumstances.

Providing false or misleading information in your application will automatically result in the application being rejected.

What do I need in order to apply?

If you are a family applying on behalf of your child/children, you must have in place documentation which states your child’s confirmed diagnosis. This must be on official headed paper with logo. This will need to be attached to your application form (you can use a scanned document stored on your PC or take a photo of the document using a smart phone or tablet). Examples of what documents you can submit are:


Sorry, we unfortunately cannot accept the following as required paperwork:

  • DLAs, PIPs (Personal Independence Payment) or DWP letters as unfortunately they do not provide the full information we require to assess an application
  • Non-confirmed illnesses/disabilities
  • Badges, children’s disability registration passes
  • Appointment letters
  • Doctor’s surgery letters that are not on a headed letter with a logo (unless they have an official hand address stamp on the front page)
  • Hand written letter, or printed letters with handwritten children’s details
  • Documents in Microsoft Word format

For Organisations/Charities/Schools you will be asked to provide at a later stage full details of the children you are applying for.

You can see a document example here

How will I hear from you?

When you submit an application you will receive an auto response. All other correspondence will come to you via email. We cannot accept any responsibility for any missed emails or days out as a result of emails being missed, so please check your junk emails.

What should I consider before I decide on applying?

We assist with days out to Merlin attractions only. Not all attractions will be suitable for your child so we ask that you ensure before making an application that you are fully aware of the following to avoid disappointment.

  • Suitability – Rides, height restrictions, restriction dates, ride access pass availability, toilet/changing room facilities, parking facilities, general park accessibility, special effects attractions.
  • Distance of the attraction from the child’s home
  • Popular attractions – Many of the attractions available to you are open all year round, giving you ample opportunity to visit on a date that suits. However, please note that the more popular attractions e.g. UK Theme Parks can become very busy at peak periods throughout the year. To ensure you child/ren get the most out of the day please consider visiting at quieter times or choose an alternative attraction.

A full list of these including each attractions restricted dates can be found on the following link.

Do you offer tickets for raffle prizes or fundraising purposes?

We are unable to help with requests for raffle prizes to be used for fundraising. Each Merlin attraction does support a select number of very local causes, so if you have a Merlin attraction in your area may we suggest that you contact them direct.

Why is my attraction choice not available for selection?

Some Merlin attractions close for the winter. Taking into account our assessment/processing times, we have to remove these from the list of choices so that families have ample time to visit these attractions before they close. Applications will reopen in January for these and we encourage you to apply then.

How long are tickets valid for?

Ticket validity varies per attraction so please check our website for details.

If you do not use your tickets by the expiry date then tickets will need to be returned to us (along with any travel contribution paid). If you were provided with electronic tickets (print at home) or booked in a date you will need to advise us of their non use no later than 4 weeks after the expiry date of the ticket. If you do not use your tickets on 2 separate occasions unfortunately no further applications to our Charity can be made.

Why are there terms and conditons and consents to agree to?

From the 25th May 2018, the new European GDPR regulation came into place.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information and paperwork we require in order to assess and process an application, we are legally required to obtain consent to terms and conditions and collection of personal information. For full infomation please refer to our guidelines.

Which attraction am I able to apply for?

For a list of Merlin attraction's please click here.

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The Charity makes FUN accessible to children with three Magic Spells: "Magical Days Out" providing tickets and contributing towards a travel grant for families to enjoy their day at a Merlin Entertainments’ attraction; "Merlin’s Magic On Tour" working with our local communities at hospitals and hospices to bring the magic to the children wherever they are; and "Merlin’s Magic Spaces" designing and creating amazing projects in hospitals, orphanages, learning centres and more all around the world.

Merlin’s Magic Wand is a charitable trust registered with the UK Charities Commission, registration number 1124081. Merlin’s Magic Wand Trustees Limited is a company incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 06511344.

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