Children at LEGOLAND

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If you have received tickets from Merlin’s Magic Wand previously and were able to use them, then please be aware of the following: As our Charity continues to help more and more children every year but our resources are not unlimited and due to a high demand for tickets we are currently only accepting applications from those families who have not already applied (regardless of date) of from families or children we have not previously supported/have not visited us before (this includes those families with additional children with disabilities/illnesses). Our aim is to ensure that the maximum number of eligible children are able to enjoy a day out with us just as so many have already done. This will be under review and should the situation change we will advise of this on our website.

Applications must be made by an adult.

*exclusions apply, contact Magic Wand if unsure if your child meets our criteria

Before you apply

  • Check you are eligible
  • Ensure you have confirmed proof of disability/illness/disadvantage and it is ready to attach to your application request. Applications unfortunately cannot be made without the required proof. See an example of valid documentation. We may also ask for further information about certain illnesses, disabilities and disadvantages when you application is being assessed.

    PAPERWORK INFORMATION – What we are looking for

    A hospital letter or similar which is:
    • On headed paper with logo
    • Shows child’s name
    • Shows child’s date of birth
    • Shows child’s serious illness/disability or disadvantage
    If all this info is on one page we only need this page. If the info is spread over several pages we will need all of these. Please take note when you apply of what we cannot accept as proof.
  • You will need to attach your proof using our online application form. You can take pictures of the documentation using a camera phone, camera and tablet or scan them in on a computer. We accept images and PDF files, but please ensure the filename isn't too long.
  • Decide which attraction would provide the best day out for your child, taking into account distance of the attraction from the child’s home and suitability.

Details for applicants

We are a day trip charity who can provide tickets to Merlin attractions only - visit the Merlin website for an up-to-date list if you're not sure. You should also be aware of the following before you apply:

  • By applying you agree to our T&C's and Consent.
  • Providing false or misleading information in your application, will automatically result in the application being rejected.
  • We are unable to help with requests for raffle prizes to be used for fundraising.
  • To avoid disappointment for anyone, we strongly advise that you DO NOT promise trips to the children you are applying on behalf of until you have the tickets.
  • Applications must be made by either registered organisations which are set up specifically to deal with illnesses/disabilities and disadvantages*, schools, hospitals, councils, parents or guardians. We are unable to accept applications from any other 3rd parties.
  • Applications made are per family not per child. You are permitted ONE application only.

*Disadvantage must be part of our list as given on our website.

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Disadvantaged Classification

(restrictions apply to all of the below and we base our decision on a case by case basis. Unfortunately we cannot assist with all disadvantages)

  • In care home/in foster care/recently adopted (within last 12 months).
  • Child of terminally ill or recently deceased parent/legal guardian or sibling.
  • Child victim of domestic violence/abuse.
  • Registered Young Carer.

Magic Wand reserve the right to change, add or remove classifications at any time.