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Volunteer For Magic Wand

This page is dedicated to sharing the exciting ways that Merlin Entertainment’s colleagues can volunteer for us here at Merlin’s Magic Wand. If you’ve found this page and you don’t work at Merlin Entertainments or one of Merlin's Attractions – we encourage you to explore our Support Us section which is dedicated to you, and we’ve linked it below.

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Merlin Volunteer Days

We’re thrilled you’re thinking about volunteering for us! Hear from Merlin's Chief People & Experience Officer Spencer Holt on why volunteering for Merlin's Magic Wand might be the right way for you to use a Merlin Volunteer Day. 

Learn more about the Merlin Volunteer Day Policy, and how you can use two days a year to volunteer for a cause you're passionate about below. 

Ways to volunteer

Magic Space Project Manager Becky

Volunteer at a Magic Space

Learn more about how you can volunteer your time to help build, design, and launch a Magic Space project. 

Programme Manager Elin

Volunteer at Merlin's Magic Wand

Want to use a Merlin Volunteer Day to volunteer with us directly? Learn more about Magical Days Out gifting from Programme Manager Elin.