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Welcome to our Magical Days Out application page. We're glad you found us!

Applications for Magical Days Out are now open for organizations. Updates on when applications will re-open for families will be available here, so please check back for an update next month.

Currently, we are only accepting applications from registered organizations. Any other applications we receive during this time will not be assessed or included in 2024 applications.

Please note: we are still accepting applications from families looking to apply for Magical Days Out for children with terminal illnesses or diagnoses.

In this instance, please complete our Contact Us Form below.

Know Before You Apply

The child you are applying on behalf of will be eligible if they;

1) Are aged 2-18 years old, and

2) Are currently facing one of the below:

Serious/Long-term Illness

Registered disability

Live in a permanent or temporary care home

Living in foster care

Recently adopted

Impacted by domestic violence

Impacted by domestic abuse

Impacted by bullying

Be the child of a terminally ill parent/legal guardian

Has a terminally ill parent/legal guardian/sibling

Has a recently deceased parent/legal guardian/sibling

If you would like to apply for a Magical Day Out there are some specific forms of documentation that we will need from you. All of the information we need must be sent on official letterhead, with an official name and logo on it. It must also include the child’s full name, date of birth (or the age of the child if documentation is dated) and confirmation of diagnosis/reason.

If you are applying due to disability you will need to provide either:

  • A hospital letter 
  • A letter from a senior teacher at the school the child is in attendance, or
  • A statement of Educational Needs (SEN) or Educational, Health & Care Plan (EHCP) or appropriate US equivalent. (ie, copy of IEP or 504 documentation)

If you are applying for a child who is in care, you will need to provide one of the below:

  • A letter from the foster agency
  • Letter from the local authority
  • If the foster child has a serious long-term illness or disability alternatively you can supply a hospital letter (please see above under disability)
  • Applications for children in a care home must be made by the care home directly. If you are a team member of the care home please apply via the organization application form

If you are applying for a child who has been recently adopted, you will need to provide either:

  • An adoption certificate or
  • A letter from the adoption agency

If you are applying on behalf of a child impacted by domestic violence/abuse/bullying you will need to provide either:

  • Court Order or any letter from court/police/solicitor/refuge or
  • Letter from a member of the school’s administration where the child attends

If you are applying for a child who has a terminally ill parent/guardian/sibling you will need to provide:

  • A hospital letter 
  • We also require supporting evidence to confirm that the child detailed on the application is the sibling or child of the person who is ill. This can be in the form of a birth certificate or a tax credit form if it’s a sibling who has a terminal illness (the tax credit must detail both children’s names).

We cannot accept the following as proof of condition or circumstance for a Magical Day Out:

  • DLA's, Personal Independence Payments, or DWP letters
  • Badges or children's disability registration passes
  • Appointment letters
  • Doctors' surgery letters without letterhead and logos
  • Handwritten letters with handwritten children's details
  • Documents in Microsoft Word format

Frequently Asked Questions

You can only experience a Magical Day Out once.

Due to the high demand for tickets, we only accept applications from families that we have not previously supported. This is regardless of when tickets were received previously or if your family have additional children who meet our eligibility criteria. While we try to accommodate changes to applications where appropriate, we cannot assist if you have been unable to use your tickets on two or more occasions.

Our current application processing times are taking up to 8 weeks. If you submit a query about the status of your application in those 8 weeks, the programs team will be unable to respond.

Once you have applied you will receive an automated email from us, with a little more detail on the next stages of our process. We thank you for your patience as we carefully assess each application. We aim to complete eligibility checks within 10 days for Time-sensitive applications – please see ‘What is a Time-Sensitive Application?’ FAQ below.

You will need to provide supporting documentation and some personal information.

When you click the Apply button, you will be taken to our online application form, where we will ask a series of questions in relation to your child’s eligibility for a day out. Please read through these FAQs before you apply to find all the information you will need to complete our online application form. You will need to attach some documentation as proof of eligibility, ready for assessment. Please note that all your information is safeguarded appropriately by our team as per our privacy policy, which you can read here.

We will only ever email you.

When you apply through our website you will receive an automated response via email to let you know that we have received your application, this may go into your junk folder so please check there. All correspondence in relation to your application will come to you via email. We cannot accept any responsibility for any missed emails or missed days out because of missed emails, so please check your junk emails regularly.

No, please do not arrange your visit until you have received confirmation from us.

When you have had your application accepted, and you have received an email from us, you will be sent gift codes to book your Magical Day Out on your chosen attraction’s website. Before this, you will not be able to pre-select a date of entry to the attraction. Please do not assume you will be able to attend specific dates before you have received your gift codes. We cannot accommodate requests for tickets for birthdays or special occasions, and therefore do not take responsibility for any pre-booked accommodation or travel before you have received your gift codes.

Here at Merlin’s Magic Wand, we provide tickets for children with life-limiting conditions. Should you need to apply for a Magical Day Out for a child with a rapidly deteriorating medical condition, we would class this as a time-sensitive application. Please note, applying for time-sensitive applications due to birthdays or anniversaries does not qualify as a time-sensitive application.

On the 25th of May 2018, new European GDPR regulations came into place. Due to the sensitive nature of the information and paperwork that we require to assess and process an application, we are legally required to obtain consent to terms and conditions and collection of personal information. For full information please refer to our guidelines in our website footer below. 

Ticket validity varies for each Merlin attraction and further information will be provided in your confirmation email if your application is successful.

If you have booked your Magical Day Out with the gift codes you have been given but do not use your tickets by the expiration date, then tickets will need to be returned to us (along with any travel contribution paid). If you were provided with electronic tickets, you will need to advise us of their non-use no later than 4 weeks after the expiry date of the ticket. If you do not use your tickets on 2 separate occasions, we will be unable to support you with any further tickets.

Know Before You Go

Once your application has been accepted, we will send you a link to the official website for your chosen attraction, as well as ticket gift codes. You will need to use these codes and this link to book your Magical Day Out. We will also send you the accessibility information for this attraction as a link, so please look at this information should you or anyone visiting have any accessibility requirements. 

If you have any specific questions or queries about the attraction you are visiting, we advise you to visit their website or contact the attraction directly. 

Please note that in the United States, we can only provide complimentary parking for LEGOLAND® and Peppa Pig Theme Parks.

We hope you have a #Magical time

Family putting their arms up preparing for a roller coaster